To be able to read is WONDERFUL, a love for reading is INVALUABLE, the ABILITY to read at an early age is a ROAD TO GREAT SUCCESS.

Little Readers offers a variety of classes that will help small children to develop a love for READING! The demands on school children today are very different to those of earlier generations. Hence the ability to READ, to READ and above all to LOVE reading, is more important today than ever before. Good READERS become GOOD LEARNERS!!!

If a child can read in his or her home language at and early age, he will be able to master additional languages with great ease. Most text books that are prescribed at tertiary level are in English, so the sooner a non-English learner is introduced to English books, the better.

The actual time allocated to reading in a foundational phase classroom is minimal as are one on one reading times. A child who is able to read in Grade 1 will not be bored in the classroom because he can already read and pick up a book and read if there’s and opportunity. On the contrary, in my many years of experience, such children have self-confidence and by the time they have completed their work, they enjoy reading books and stories to themselves.

Preschool Reading Classes

From the age of 3, Little Readers teaches children sounds through means of fun activities. Once a child can identify sounds well, we begin with a few basic sound words and sight words. Following this we move one to a VERY GOOD reading series.

The classes are fun-filled and at a preschooler level. We use various games to grasp basic sounds well.

“Big School” is full of adjustments and new challenges. Reading should not be one of them. From my experience, both as a qualified preschool (Grade 1 to 3) teacher and also personally, I know that the advantage of a child who is confident about his sounds and reading is of great value!

In countries like England, America, New Zealand and Australia, children begin to learn their sounds at the age of 4. In South Africa children only begin this when they are 6 or 7 years old, and thus don’t benefit from the best period of a young child’s brain development. We involve the right half of the child’s brain through FUN, FUN, FUN.

Foundation Phase Reading

Often parents only discover that their children cannot actually read, but simply memorised Grade 1 School reading work, when the child starts with Grade 2.This can cause tension and lead to a bad learning experience. “Little Readers” can help to identify the problem through a diagnostic test and provide practical help to overcome the problem.

If a Grade 3 learner cannot read fluently, it can result in him falling behind in the learning process. Therefore it is vital that this must be rectified in the Grade 3 year.

Both Grade 2 and 3 learners can benefit from, and master English sounds and thus avoid the fears of reading another language. They can begin to love and enjoy the many wonderful Afrikaans and English books that are available.

Children attend 30 Minute classes that are presented once a week.