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If all the phases are covered through the games and books AND there is no “reading gaps”, we encourage children to be part of the Library Challenge in both Home Language and First Additional Language.

Through Rewards and Encouragement we introduce a wide range of recommended Library books to continue the extra reading and create a LIFELONG reader.

To be able to read is WONDERFUL. A love for reading is INVALUABLE, the ABILITY to read at an early age is the ROAD TO GREAT SUCCESS.

Little Readers offers a variety of classes that will help small children to develop a love for READING! The demands on school children today are very different to those of earlier generations. Hence the ability to READ, to READ and above all to LOVE reading, is more important today than ever before. Good READERS become GOOD LEARNERS!!

Benefits of Extra Reading

Give your child the academic advantage by encouraging them to read for fun & to see for themselves how many things there is out there to read!!!

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    Children that can enrol for this phase usually have no reading gaps in at least ONE language (usually their Home language that they use in school also.) With Book Buddy/Library Challenge we want to expose the reader to a Wide, Wild and Shared Reading experience by introducing Public-, school- or center Libraries' books. (sometimes even the books at home that parents and grandparents bought them can help).

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    There is no Reading series in the World that will give a child the ultimate exposure to a wide range of stories, words or vocabulary like and an ultimate wide range of option of reading materials. 

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    Our Book Buddy product, challenge the child with ideas and resources to broaden his reading experience by guiding him with ideas of where and how to go and discover the wonderful world of reading and then he gets a voucher in his pocket monthly as reward for this effort! GO for IT.

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    Reading material is not limited to just story books, no it is reading material like newspapers, factual info, how-to-do-books, cd cover text, google articles, recipes, rhymes or jokes etc.