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If your children love to read in their home language, it is very important to support them to achieve the same results in their First Additional Language.

We use the appropriate methods and books that enable us to support children to embrace and overcome the challenges of reading in their First Additional Language.

Learning a new language pushes your brain to get familiar with new grammer & vocabulary rules. To read in that language opens doors wide open!


Especially for Afrikaans speaking children:

With English being the world's top business language, and considering that
most tertiary education in South Africa specifically is presented in
English, it is crucial for children to read fluently in their home language
while also mastering English/Afrikaans as an additional language.

English schooling is not necessary the solution. But, a child that reads
both Afrikaans and English books for the love of it could be the solution to
helping them become fully bilingual.

When children can read in their home language confidently at an early age,
they will also be able to master additional languages with ease later on.